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Andrea Henrickson is a Melbourne based Strategic Business Management Expert offering Business Coaching.

If you are thinking to yourself ‘I want to grow my business‘, ‘I want to work on my business more often‘ and ‘I need someone who I can work with, a person who is going to watch my back and give me unbiased support‘ – then you’ve come to the right place.

We are passionate about you taking the right steps at the right time to grow your business. We love strategic business management and plotting and scheming to make sure you have a plan that gets you the gold! We work for you to create a sustainable business with real plans, structure and accountability so that you can measure your progress.

Check out our series of short ‘quick tip’ videos that will give you the answers to some of the major challenges we see day in, day out.

Feel free to email or call us for a no obligation initial discussion on your strategic business management needs.

Business Overwhelm Breakthrough

Hidden Forces Shaping Your Business

Pressing play and repeat isn’t always a successful recipe in business. It has merit so long as it’s delivering the results you are committed to achieving. A thriving business doesn’t come from drama…unless of course you actively use drama (with complete awareness) to compel and propel yourself and others into action. Unlikely however to be a sustainable long term approach. Having a thriving business is about the thinking patterns you leverage from yourself and others – then implementing the plans that come from that thinking. Open your mind, get curious and generate awareness…it pays dividends and drastically diminishes the drama.

Go on, say No!

How often do you wish to say NO but you find yourself saying yes? As a business owner time is money and we hear it day in and day out that our customers are wasting time doing things that do not provide a return on investment or align with their vision, values and goals.

There is an art to saying no and a whole bunch of reasons why we say yes and I’d love to know what compels you to saying yes when you really don’t want to and what you think it will take to stop it!

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Adding value to your customers and going above and beyond to ensure their experience of your service and product is remarkable and exceptional is critical to the success of your business and its sustainability. Businesses that are not focusing on how to retain their customers are at risk of decline when they take for granted that customers will keep showing up. Customers are fickle and fussy and to retain their interest in your service and product requires not only strategic thinking but having a plan that consistently considers your: Customer – where they start and where do they end; Retention – what does this mean specifically to your business; Loyalty – how do you know your customers are being loyal to you – as in what is your measure?

Thank You

Networking & Strategic Alliances

If you are exhausted and frustrated from your networking and strategic alliance creation efforts then this video will give you 3 simple steps to implement immediately and start seeing a return on investment from your networking efforts.

Ditch Distraction and Discover The Power of Focus & Productivity

Today we have endless streams of distraction from online and offline sources and there is a simple and effective strategy that you can use as you prioritise your weekly actions.

Sharpen your fierce focus by implementing this strategy.

Accountability & Adversity

Equip yourself to manage accountability for your business vision and aspirations during times of adversity.

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