Business Management Coaching

Management Coaching – Do You Want To Be The Ultimate Business Owner, Exective and Manager?

  • Are you new to stepping up as an Executive or Manager?
  • Do you want to develop your personal edge to have a powerful team?
  • Is your workplace culture often negative instead of focusing on outcomes?
  • Do you want to improve your workplace but don’t know where to start?

Whether working for yourself or an employer, when we become Executives and Managers our aim is usually to ‘be the best’.  We jump in and go for it. Sometimes, you can access specific training, mentoring and coaching or you might be naturally gifted and are great at rallying the team! In my experience though most new executives and managers are thrown in at the deep end having come from technical roles. The expectations are usually high and the support low, and you just have to work it out!

Sound familiar?

There is common ground for Executives and Managers and in your role you will most likely want to have goals which include:

  • “I want to crystallise my purpose in becoming an executive/manager”
  • “I want to transition and become a successful executive/manager ”
  • “It is important that together we achieve the business outcomes and goals’
  • “I want to release my talent and accomplish more than I ever thought possible”
  • “I want to realise the capabilities and skills of my team”
  • “I want to better organise the roles and activities that the team performs”
  • “I want to develop myself and my team to handle disruption and conflict”

Transitioning from technical roles to management and or executive levels requires completely different skills and capabilities and when you actually arrive in the role it can be like being hit with a sledge hammer. It comes with a whole set of new expectations not only from others, but yourself. You can be assured that you’ll be on a steep learning curve for quite some time.

Then, even after gaining experience, becoming the kind of executive or manager that can influence and motivate a team does take time and willingness; from yourself as well as from others. Everyone wants productivity and results but the key to achieving it is HOW you are and HOW you immerse yourself in your own learning and development to be the best you can be.

The best executives and managers are the ones that continue to keep their eyes wide open and see things as they are (aka the reality check), followed by seeing things how they want to see them (creating specific outcomes), followed by developing ways of making it how they see it (Strategies). When you do this you can be proactive, highly productive and take responsibility; playing a fair hand to everyone, including yourself.

Management coaching provides a platform where you will discover your own style with regards to motivation, communication and how you like to work. It assists both the new executive and developing manager, and the business, to ensure you have the edge on delivering business objectives.

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