Creating Small Business Success

Business Results

Are you finding it challenging getting results in your small or medium sized business?

Andrea Henrickson is a Melbourne Business Coach offering Business Coaching for entrepreneurs, business builders and small to medium sized business.

If business planning, business development and business growth strategies are important to you and you want to get to the next level with implementing and achieving greater business success, then maybe you are ready to begin elevating your business with a renewed focus.

Essential to any business is the nexus between vision, people and systems. It is simply a must and at The Breakfast Coach, that is what we focus on.

Are you looking for a solution to help you achieve:

  • Development of your strategic vision, people and systems?
  • Increased revenue and net profit?
  • Reduced costs by being more efficient?
  • Improved decision making effectiveness?
  • Clarity around your business risks?

If so, then the good news is that we are able to help you achieve these goals.

There are a number of options including a monthly group breakfast coaching, including networking opportunities, or if you prefer intensive 1:1 business coaching we can tailor to your availability, needs and budget.

Finding business challenging?

Many small businesses struggle to spend enough time working on the business, and instead focus their energy on what feels comfortable and working in the business.  The result is exhaustion and a business that is not leveraging its best outcomes.

The main reason most small businesses under perform is because they don’t have:

  • Clear, agreed and understood plans and outcomes.
  • An action plan highlighting the key action areas.
  • Awareness that the first two points must run the show!
  • The degree of flexibility and agility to make changes when ‘things’ aren’t working or working as well as they could.
  • The mental toughness that it takes to achieve even greater business success.
At The Breakfast Coach we give you:
  • Assurance that spending time ON your business will assist you achieve rapid improvement in greater profit, time and or output.
  • Opportunities to consider, brainstorm and soundboard your strategic business thinking in a judgement free environment.
  • Essential feedback to ensure you are achieving your business purpose.
  • Identification and resolution of major communication and working relationship barriers.
  • Assessment of current system impacts on business productivity.
  • Strategies to enhance robust and quality decision making.
  • A vast toolbox to ensure improved business operations.
  • Peace of mind and support to allow you to stay focused, resilient and on purpose.

The results speak for themselves and our clients are juiced because of the business results they now have.

Click here to attend a monthly breakfast where you can begin taking control of your business, OR contact The Breakfast Coach for a complimentary coffee discussion.

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