Ultimate Game

Sometimes in business, no matter how hard we work or how much action we are taking we can continue to hit barriers and because of this our results may plateau or indeed decline. When we have strong links between vision, systems and people, a continued focus on our direction as well as rigorous monitoring of these 3 high level factors we can expect to propel your businesses forward. The Ultimate Game ties all the essential business factors together and leaves no stone unturned in you achieving the business success you desire and deserve.mosaic_block_text_11308

The Breakfast Coach..Juiced Up To The Ultimate Game 

What you can expect:

Everything included in Juiced Up To The Business Builder and The Next Level plus:

  • Monthly 1.5hr live workshop where you will learn The Art Of Results Creation and break through limited thinking holding back your business results.
  • Bi-monthly Q&A sessions to get the answers for your burning business questions.
  • Ready-to-use business templates and fully documented training modules applicable to your business immediately.
  • Andrea’s Coaching Strategies showing you in detail how to get great results with your clients and in your business.
  • Essential full day business needs analysis.
  • Interactive Training Days – Speaking, Leadership or Sales(3 days group training).
  • Individual Business Coaching (1 session per month)
  • Personalized One to One Personality Diagnostic Profiling (up to 4 people).
  • Individual Business Mentoring (Full Day Business Strategy Session).

You receive all of the above PLUS:


  • Andrea’s Business Thinking Tool Box: A business owners dream! A massive toolbox full of business resources and tools designed your business success.


  • Bonus #1 Business Needs Analysis (45 minutes)
  • Bonus #2 3 x 1/2 day planning reviews (April, June, Sept)
  • Bonus #3 Full Day Planning for 2014
  • Bonus #4 Complete MP3 Recordings of Online Sessions
  • Bonus #5 Coaching Manual, Resources and Tools
  • Bonus #6 Access to Business Builder Tools/Templates


  • Bonus #1 Unlimited phone or email contact
  • Bonus #2 MP3 Recordings Of Each Workshop
  • Bonus #3 Access to Lext Level Tools/Templates


  • Bonus #1 Diagnostic Profiling Workshop – 3 hours Bring your employees, family and friends on the journey with you and provide them with an even greater understanding of your strengths and how they can play to them too.
  • Bonus #2 Complete Audio Recordings of the “The Breakfast Coach” Events.
  • Bonus #3 Contact Andrea anytime with your questions and get her feedback on your sales, presentation and leadership approach.

Note that Juiced Up To The Ultimate Game is available after approval only and is dependent on an entry interview with Andrea. The number of Juiced Up To The Ultimate Game is limited to 6 participants.

Become Juiced Up To The Ultimate Game and get Andrea’s Personal Coaching as well as invaluable resources and tools.

Your investment is totally risk free

100% Money Back Guarantee: if at any point in time within the first 1 month of your membership you decide this is not for you we will refund your entire investment and you get to keep all the materials.

Contact The Breakfast Coach! to find out how you can begin building an even stronger business that you love.