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Andrea Henrickson

Over the past 23 years Andrea has experienced many great adventures; she has travelled far and immersed herself in all our world has to offer…such diversity, brilliance and culture, and many wondrous sights.  She has learned along the way and connected with so many different walks of life; all the sights, sounds, tastes and smells have made life uniquely and rich.
During that time Andrea’s career took off and became front and centre, and the hunger to do well, be the best and rise to the top consumed her, each waking hour she spent aspiring and aiming to conquer every challenge, keeping all the balls in the air. But, in all that aspiring and ‘human doing’ Andrea lost sight of what was important and the priority and main focus was all about work…she had devolved in to a human doing. It was not what she wanted. And the worst thing, she didn’t know how to get out of that cycle!
While always being extremely grateful for all the opportunities and career advancement, Andrea realised that the quality of her life, her health and her relationships were suffering. The words of her mentor at the time still ring vibrantly.
Adrian said,

why are you SO suppressed? When I see you out of your work environment you are so alive. Why are you letting your job do this to you?

And in that moment, Andrea began considering what it would be like to live life on her terms and create a business that supported others to build a STRONG business, a business that they LOVE.
In 2008 Andrea established a business coaching business focusing on assisting Allied Health professionals and Trade services to create a business that is STRONG; businesses that they LOVE and which are profitable, quality and healthy businesses.  Since then, Andrea has quickly gained a reputation for inspiring and supporting small to medium sized business owners and teams to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.
Andrea holds a Bachelor Business (Management) and having trained with Sharon Pearson at The Coaching Institute, is an NLP Master Coach, holds a Diploma of Life Coaching and a Cert IV in Fitness.

Take control and get excited about your business again.

Andrea Henrickson is The Breakfast Coach.  Get juiced with The Breakfast Coach!